Guided 15 Minute Meditation Script – Pouring out (2022)

Meditation practice has become extremely popular over the last decade. Today, millions of people practice a variety of types and forms of meditation every day. These include Zen meditation, mindfulness meditation, Tibetan Buddhism meditation, meditation for focusing the mind, meditation for relaxation, guided loving-kindness meditation, body scan meditation, guided 15 minute meditation, 10-minute meditation, 5 minutes, or even one minute. That’s just to mention a few!

Most people experience relaxation during guided meditation, reducing stress levels and improving overall health over a period of time. The beauty of guided meditation is its simplicity. It takes only minutes to complete and can provide peace and tranquility in even the busiest of lives. It can provide some people with freedom after trauma or experiences of emotional pain, in some cases, as well as tune us into our mind and body experiences. It helps us approach life with a lot more sensitivity and care.

It’s never too late to begin practicing meditation – and when you do you will notice how it starts to transform your entire life. The guided meditation below is designed to help you along your journey. Feel free to take 15 minutes out of your day to practice and reap the rewards.

This guided 15-minute meditation practice touches on the intention of “Pouring out the old to welcome in the new”. In this meditation, we learn to release the things that do not serve us at this moment in order to make space for new abundant energy.

Experience life in this present and current time you find yourself in – create a break from stress by using meditation as a form of self-care. Give yourself a moment of stillness as a pause from your busy life.

Pouring out and welcoming in – guided meditation 15 minutes

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15 minute guided meditation script

Alternatively, we have also created a transcript of the recorded audio – feel free to print it out and share it as you would like!

Hi there, everyone and welcome back to your practice. 

Welcome back to your meditation today – and thank you for being here. 

So, when you are ready, we will start and seated position. 

Just finding a comfortable seat wherever you find yourself whether you’re in bed. Maybe you want to sit on the floor or roll out your mat 

Sitting up nice and tall. Just gently resting your hands on top of your knees and slowly drawing the eyes to close. 

Start to notice your breathing here.

Notice every inhale, notice every exhale. 

Thank yourself for being here in this moment today. Show yourself gratitude, and appreciation. Thank yourself for making the time to take a few moments of stillness.

As you breathe, you start to notice how the breathing rate slows down. 

Notice how the heart rate slows down. 

And then start to send the breath deeper into the body. So with every inhale, expand the belly. Feel the chest rise slightly. Exhale all the way out. 

Inhale, exhale. 

Let’s do three more of those. Inhale through the nose. 

Really fill up with air, exhale out. 

Inhale, feel the expansion, exhale out. 

Last time making this one the deepest one yet. Inhale, fill your body with energy, with air, with fresh oxygen, exhale out. 

Now you may keep this breath awareness and move into a technique called three-part breath. 

So as you inhale, you feel your chest and your collarbones rise. Then feel your ribs expand towards the side. And then finally feel the belly expand and inflate. 

Exhale belly falls. Ribs come in. Chest falls. 

Inhale, chest collarbones, ribs, belly. 

Exhale, belly, ribs, collarbones, and chest. 

Three more of those inhale. Exhale, belly, ribs, chest collarbones. Two more to go. 

Inhale, collarbones, chest, ribs belly. Exhale, belly ribs, chest, collarbones last time Inhale. 

Just let that breath control go. 

Falling back to your natural, rhythmic breath. 

Maybe notice how it feels a little bit different from how it felt before. Notice how the nervous system has calmed down – it’s more at ease. 

And then notice where the mind is at today. 

Which thoughts feelings emotions are coming up for you at this moment and then we set our intention for today. 

And as always, I encourage you to set your own personal intention. 

If you would like to move with an idea or theme – today’s theme is ‘Pouring Out’ and we pour out, in order to welcome in. 

So we create this space, this idea of emptying out so that we can welcome in the new.

And then just gently placing your hand at your heart space, you can place both hands there if you would like and allow this intention to settle here at your heart space.

And again, check-in – where are you at, what thoughts are floating around in your mind and the keyword here is floating. We don’t attach any of our thoughts we are not our thoughts. 

We take the role of the observer. We simply just observing and becoming aware of what’s happening in our heads. 

So notice what’s there… and almost like a gentle breeze blowing by allow the thoughts to blow through your mind. 

So as they enter, they exit just the same. 

And then any attachments we might still be holding on to here… release that – let it go.

Allow anything not serving you to pour out. Almost like a deep cleaning of the mind -create new space, new energy.

And then once again checking in with how we are feeling really tried to be quite detailed with what’s happening in your emotional landscape this morning or today.

Feel as your hands are still resting on your heart in the centre of the chest. 

And really allow this tactile response, with hands on top of your body, to feel the feeling.

If you could touch this feeling what would it feel like? 

Maybe it feels quite heavy, quite rough. 

Involving our other senses too – what does this feeling look like? If there is a specific colour you attach to it. 

And again, don’t think too much on it, just the first thing that comes to mind. 

And then similarly, what does this feeling smell like? Is there a specific smell you can attach to this feeling? 

What does this feeling soundlike? Maybe there’s a slight hum or low vibration. Maybe it’s chirping of birds. 

And then lastly, what would this feeling taste like? 

And keeping all of those senses in mind, being really detailed with how we are feeling, with that specific emotion and what we are moving through. 

We gently release the grip we have on it. 

We let it go and we pour this feeling out of our heart space. 

Almost as if now you are holding this feeling in the palm of your hands ,  as it exited your heart… exited the body. 

Allow it to pour out from the internal to the external. 

And know that you are not this feeling. You are simply just experiencing it.

And whatever it might be…it too shall pass. 

And then before we end our practice today let’s keep this idea of releasing, letting go surrendering and pouring out for the rest of the day, maybe even for the rest of the week. 

Let’s allow this intention to guide us through our approaches. 

Slowly, you can start to come back to the body, back to the breath just taking the pal ms to touch keeping the eyes closed. Thumbs are at your sternum and just bow forehead to the fingertips. Seal your intention and your practice in. And again thank yourself. Show yourself appreciation. Give yourself one last moment here. 

So inhale…exhale sigh it out the mouth. 

Let those last few moments of tension or stress, whatever you’re holding on to release through the breath.

15 minute guided meditation script pdf

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15 minute guided mindfulness meditation – “Pouring out and welcoming in”

About the meditation teacher:

Bianca Carmen Schulz

Content Writer for MeditationDNA as well as Yoga & Meditation instructor with professional dance and performing background, offering guided visualizations to tune into the mental realm by plugging out of the physical realm. Inviting openness into the mind and body by allowing thoughts and breathe to flow through the body. Specializing in Meditation and Movement for Athletes and High-Performance Artists.

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