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Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak

Ross Stokes

As an impressionable first-year university student in 1981, a visionary education lecturer, by the name of Ron Rashbrook asked us to lie down on the floor, close our eyes and follow his voice. “Do what?”… I thought! This is not something rugby playing, farm boys did. But I did.

This was the first time I experienced a guided meditation, and it changed my life. All he simply wanted to do was give us a tool to relax, let go of stress, and sleep better while studying.

For years I’d hear his kind gentle voice taking me to places I’d not been before. Since then I’ve explored many forms, types, and guides of meditation.

To meditate, be present to myself and source, while doing the dishes, in a beautiful Balinese hut, going to sleep, waking up, studying for an exam, preparing for a game, healing in some way, or to JUST BE because it feels great, is a life tool I hope everyone gets to experience and use.

I feel great joy and lucky to be able to work with Bianca to create this resource site full of everything meditation, we can think of, and that may help you on your journey and exploration of meditation.

I’m loving my exploration of these topics, and the more we look at what to research and write about, the more I realise how much of it touches and enriches every part of our lives if we choose to.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences and any questions or feedback you have.

Namaste, love, amor, amore, anpu, 爱 ,habb, mohabbat, amore, yêu, liebe, люблю, 애정, Aşk, ความรัก, Miłość, любов, عشق

Bianca Schulz

As a professional dancer, I never realised I meditated for a living. It was only up until recently where it dawned on me that my movement and my profession, whether being in the studio or on the stage, transcended me into “a state of flow” or presence.

I grew up watching my father meditate in the garden… taking in the crisp morning air and simply just practicing stillness by being in nature and as a teenager, my mother got me, inquisitive about yoga and the nature of the physical practice that would accompany my dancing career. .

Fundamentally this mind-body aspect has been a huge part of both my upbringing and my profession. I have a deep interest in how our brains and bodies function and how we can optimise that to live our most abundant lives.

It therefore only made sense to eventually do my Yoga Teacher’s Training, which has been a pivotal point in sharing my mindfulness practices with others through my guided offerings.

The interconnectedness of life fascinates me – ultimately how we show up in one aspect of our lives is how we show up in all other aspects. 

Mindfulness has been a powerful tool for transformation in my personal journey by guiding me through mental struggles along the path of discovery and rediscovery of Self.
We are three-dimensional, interconnected beings. We find this three-dimensionality by turning inwards, introspection, and transforming the mind. Within mental strength is where we find physical strength. The integration of the two is therefore paramount.

This is a small slice of my journey so far – and through this site, I hope to connect with and learn from others through their personal experiences. 

Through the creation of MeditationDNA, my life has been vastly enriched and my knowledge has been greatly expanded – a good reminder that we are never finished growing and there is always more to learn. 
,Also a great reminder of how we are presented with these opportunities through universal timing, which brings me deep gratitude to be able to learn alongside Ross.

My hope is for those reading to be able to realise how limitless life and our minds are and how we can forever expand into new realms of awareness and consciousness.

I look forward to learning, sharing, and growing with you.


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