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What Is a Rampage of Appreciation – definition of rampage?

Abraham hicks rampage – Abraham Hicks coined the phrase “Rampage of Appreciation,” which is used to describe a process where one begins with a negative thought or feeling and gradually shifts that state into a positive one. He explains that this process helps us develop our ability to receive what we want.

abraham hicks rampage

The concept behind the word “rampage” is similar to how a lion roars during a hunt. A lion does not roar out loud to scare off prey; rather, he roars loudly to attract attention and intimidate his opponents. When a lion roars, he is actually sending out a very specific signal to his friends and family members. His goal is to make sure that everyone knows that he is hunting. Similarly, when we practice the technique of asking and it is given, we are trying to send out a particular signal to the Universe that we are ready to receive something. We do this by focusing on thoughts that are aligned with what we desire.

During this process, Abraham suggests that you start with a simple question such as: “I am grateful for …” The next step is to notice your feelings about that thing. You can ask yourself questions like: “What is my reaction? Am I happy? Sad? Mad?”

In addition to being able to notice your thoughts, your emotions, and your reactions, you must learn how to shift from a certain negative perceived emotion (eg. anger) to appreciation. This shift is easier than you may think.

For many people, anger serves as a shield against fear. It allows them to push away uncomfortable situations. If you have ever been angry at someone who was rude to you, you will know that it takes lots of energy to keep holding onto anger. Eventually, you get tired and start to lose control.

In contrast, if you find a way to let go of your anger, you open up to new ways of looking at the world. Anger is a temporary emotion that feels good in the short term, but it doesn’t lead to a longer-lasting sense of contentment. By learning how to shift anger into appreciation, you can avoid having to deal with painful scenarios in the future.

Instead of choosing to be unhappy, you can choose to live in a condition of peace. As Abraham says, “Peace is a choice.” With no effort required, peace is always available to you. One thing that makes life so difficult is that we are usually caught somewhere between anger and appreciation.

We are constantly moving back and forth between the two. But in reality, you cannot stay in either state indefinitely. You must consciously choose to return to appreciation sooner or later. Once you realize that you have made this choice, you are free to relax and enjoy the journey.

Rampages connect us with vibrational alignments and shifts.

Creating abundance in our lives

Asking is a powerful tool for creating abundance in our lives and keeping positive momentum alive. To do so effectively, we need to have some understanding of the types of questions that work best for us. Here are three types of ways that you can use to create abundance in your life:

1. Positive Affirmations 

These are statements that you repeat to yourself over and over again. They are used to reinforce positive beliefs and attitudes that support your goals and dreams. When you repeat affirmations regularly, they become part of your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between what you say aloud and what you silently think. So when you speak positively, you are reinforcing those thoughts within your brain.

2. Questions

These are phrases that begin with “Why not? How does this benefit me?” When you ask these kinds of questions, you are directing your attention away from negativity and towards positivity. And because you are focusing on the positive energy of a situation rather than on its negatives, you are allowing your unconscious mind to send out messages of success.

3. Prayer or meditation

When you pray or reach a state of meditation, you direct your conscious mind towards a higher source energy or power. This often helps you make decisions because you are asking for guidance and help.

Also, by doing this you are connecting yourself to Source energy which then guides you along your path of alignment and abundance. This means that when you pray or meditate, you are making sure that all necessary protection is being provided for you – this is the basis of meditation. This also includes taking time to thank yourself and reflect i.e. practicing gratitude and appreciation to the Self.

The more we practice using any of the above methods through our life experiences, the easier it becomes to use them during times of stress. The next time you feel anxious about an upcoming meeting, job interview, date, exam, etc., ask yourself to try going back to these concepts and positive aspects.

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How To Start Your Rampage

When you’re first getting started with rampages, it can be hard to find a starting point. After all, we all have different backgrounds and experiences, so where do we go from here? What makes sense to us might not make sense to others. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. 

To begin, simply speak your current thought aloud. Speaking (or writing) the thought not only increases its potency and reinforces its energy within you, but it also helps you to clarify what it is you’re thinking, which is extremely important especially when you’re first starting out.

As you speak the thought, notice how it feels.It does not yet matter if the thought feels good or bad. Simply observe what feeling is associated with that thought. Remember: you are where you are.

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How To Do A Rampage of Appreciation: Easy Exercise with Examples

Rampages of appreciation are one of my favorite tools for raising my personal vibration to match the energy I’m feeling for whatever reason. They’re easy to do and can help me shift my mood instantly.

They’re also great because there’s no limit to what you can appreciate about someone or something. If you find yourself thinking negative things about a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a stranger, try doing a rampage of appreciation to put yourself in a better headspace and change of perspective towards the situation or negative energy surrounding the situation. 

You don’t have to think of anything in particular; just focus on being grateful for the person or thing. There is always a positive perspective to any situation, it just might take slightly more effort to see it at the moment.

The possibilities are endless, and once you start doing them regularly, you’ll find that they become automatic. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how much happier you feel when you practice this exercise.

Abraham Hicks – Rampage of Appreciation Guide

The best way to start appreciating and creating positive vibration or positive feelings is to look around you and notice the little things that make your day better. You don’t have to do anything special. Just being aware of the good stuff makes a difference and it is a very valuable skill to practice that will serve every aspect of your life. This is called “a rampage of appreciation.”

When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by negative thoughts, take a few minutes to focus on something you appreciate. It doesn’t matter what it is; just pick one thing. Then keep doing it over and over again. Let go of everything else and let your mind wander wherever it wants.

You’ll probably think about some of the same things. Don’t worry about that. Just keep picking out the things you appreciate. Eventually, you’ll realize how much better you’re feeling. And you’ll want to keep ramping up your appreciation.

A rampage is about building on this appreciation. These small acts will soon overflow into big mental changes, especially to the way we view certain difficult or “negative” situations.

The more often you do a rampage of appreciation, the more wonderful things you will find to appreciate. This simple exercise allows your life to keep getting better and better.

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The Abraham Hicks Experience – A Brief Summary

Abraham Hicks’ philosophy is simple. It talks about connecting to Source Energy (a form of universal energy) and finding your own path within. It has helped millions of people worldwide to live happier lives.

The concept of “rampage” can be a very effective way to shift and change your energy towards something more positive and beneficial to you which will then reflect in your actions and thought patterns. 

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