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Online Yoga and meditation

with Bianca

As a nomadic yoga teacher I have been lucky to teach all over the world and help run yoga retreats. The online space allows me to reconnect with these yogis – creating a global community.

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With different package options, group classes as well as private classes we can set up a personalised yoga and meditation plan that works for you and your schedule.

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Online Holistic Personal Training

with bianca

Personal Training is not just about the physical body – it just as much about the mental body too. It is through this mind-body connection where we see true inner and outer transformation.

I therefore take on a 360 holistic approach to my personal training offering. Incorporating yoga, mediation, nutritional guidance and physical training to your individual needs.

Everything is interconnected and the mind and body relationship is no different

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Yoga and meditation instructor, holistic personal trainer, nutritional advisor, website and content designer, blog writer, professional dancer, performing artist, voice-over actor, and choreographer.