Quantum healing meditation and relaxation – what is it?

Quantum healing meditation and relaxation

Ever heard of quantum healing meditation? Considered a new age spiritual concept coined by Deepak Chopra – let’s explore what it is all about and how it relates to meditation.

The Quantum Mind through quantum physics

The Quantum mind defined – What is meant by the Quantum mind?

  • Quantum mechanics is an important part of psychology. The wave function collapses when interacting with consciousness. Eugene Wigner theorized this.
  • Freeman Dyson, a theoretical physicist, agreed that “Mind is essentially electrical activity in the brain”. He also said that “the whole universe moves under the laws of quantum mechanics”. Other contemporary physicists and philosophers considered this argument unconvincing.
  • Quantum consciousness could provide information about the origins of the universe although many people such as Victor Stenger claimed it was a myth without any scientific foundation.
  • According to David Chalmers, Quantum mechanics is related to dualism. Duality is an explanation of why we feel conscious. David Chalmers argues against quantum mechanics as it pertains to consciousness.

So it is clear it is rather a controversial topic as it divides a lot of opinions between people based on their beliefs and framework of knowledge.

Can human consciousness be explained by quantum physics?

Quantum theory predicts that electrons are always in a state of superposition until they are observed. This means that when you observe them, they collapse into a single location or state.

So, before the observation, they are everywhere. But after the observation, they are somewhere. The mathematics behind this prediction is called wavefunction collapse. When you measure the position of an electron, the wavefunction collapses into a definite value.

Quantum mechanics says that there is a possibility of having thoughts in a superposition state until a measurement is made. A measurement is a process by which a particle is forced into a definite state.

In this case, the measurement is done when a person thinks about the subject. The thought forces the brain to make a decision. Because the brain is made up of neurons, it can be considered a quantum system.

Neurons communicate via electrical signals. When a neuron fires, it releases chemicals that help other neurons fire too. These chemicals are produced in the cell body and then travel across the synapse to the dendrites or axon terminal. The neurotransmitters are stored in vesicles and released into the synaptic cleft. Neurotransmitters then bind to receptors on.

The second quantum effect that might be relevant is entanglement, the ability of two or more quantum systems to establish links between themselves that are sustained across long spatial distances. We say that entangled states behave as a single entity, losing their individual identities. The idea here is to use the spatial aspect of entangled states to “spread out” quantum effects with a given signature across long distances within the neuronal networks. (bigthink.com)

Entangled states allow a quantum system to act as if it were a single object. This means that neurons linked together by quantum effects can act as a single brain.

But what is quantum healing exactly?

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing is a form of energy and alternative medicine that uses the unique properties of subatomic particles called quanta (or quants) to effect deep changes in our physical body and brain. The term “quantum” refers to the way subatomic particles behave.

According to Quantum Mechanics theory, they appear to change instantly from one state to another without passing through a stage of being both states simultaneously. Quantum entanglement refers to the phenomenon where two entities, each located in a separate space, become connected instantaneously even though they are physically separated. These amazing phenomena give us clues into how life was created and how the universe operates.

Quantum healing— which is also known as quantum therapy— is a little hard to explain. By combining ideas from mind-body medicine with quantum physics, meditation, and Eastern medicine, it purports that you can heal your body, mind, and spirit by shifting energy at a quantum (or subatomic) level. You’ll often hear of quantum healing practitioners talk about using your own body’s “life force” to heal you from within. “Life force” is similar to the Chinese idea of “chi” or the Indian idea of “prana.”

Are you having trouble sleeping or finding peace within? Maybe you’re stressed out, anxious, or feeling confused. If you struggle with these common issues, it might be time to explore some alternative ways of living life and achieving wellness. Quantum Healing is a powerful new approach to holistic health and wellbeing.

For centuries, people have tried to gain knowledge from their dreams. Many believe that our subconscious minds contain information about ourselves, our experiences, and even our future. 

The quantum healing system allows you to tap into your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Through the application of proven techniques, you can achieve a state of deep relaxation that leads to profound changes in your mind, body, and spirit. As a result, you’ll experience greater clarity, insight, and awareness, along with improved mood and a sense of well-being and happiness.

Quantum healing, therefore, has similar benefits to meditation and the two practices can go hand-in-hand.

How does Quantum healing meditation and relaxation relate?

Meditation has become very trendy lately — and for good reason. Research shows that regular practice of mindfulness meditation has numerous benefits, from reducing stress to lowering cholesterol. The question is how long does it take to reap these benefits?

A new study published in Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics suggests that for patients suffering from acute depression, a single session of 20 minutes of intensive mindfulness training (IMT) could produce improvements similar to those seen with longer treatments. IMT might even help prevent relapse, according to researchers at Columbia University Medical Center.

Meditation helps develop mindfulness, which allows us to become present in our lives and to be conscious of what we are doing at all times. This develops a sense of freedom from the past and a greater awareness of the present moment. We start to understand why we behave how we do and how we feel about things. We allow ourselves to relax into this state of mind which leads to positive change in both our health and well-being.

Quantum relaxation works on similar principles – it also uses guided imagery, where we imagine ourselves in different places and scenarios. By doing this, we relax and feel peaceful.

Quantum healing relaxation is simply meditation combined with deep breathing techniques, gentle stretching exercises, acupressure, sound therapy, Reiki, and other holistic modalities.


Benefits of quantum healing?

Quantum effects on healing and relaxation help us to understand our body in a much deeper way, and create a balance between our mind and body. This is achieved by inducing certain states of consciousness which allows for deep transformation in both ourselves and others. This process is often referred to as mindfulness and has been used by some indigenous cultures for thousands of years.

Quantum healing and relaxation have been proven to increase productivity at work. With this technique, you will be able to focus and concentrate your mind on one thing at a time. The techniques allow you to relax during stressful moments and boost creativity.

Quantum healing and relaxation provide several benefits such as reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure, improving moods, increasing energy levels, enhancing physical health, and getting rid of toxins in our body. Relaxation helps the body relax, reduces anxiety, increases creativity, improves sleep, promotes healthy weight loss, and enhances self-confidence.

How does it work?

Quantum healing uses gentle energy waves to help people who suffer from mental health issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, and other conditions. The therapy helps patients feel better and boosts their immunity.

Quantum healing works by using light waves to cure diseases such as cancer. It uses infrared light at wavelengths between 1 micron and 1000 microns. By passing light through the body at different wavelengths, the energy inside each cell can be stimulated to produce chemicals that destroy unwanted cells. This process is called photochemical therapy, which has been shown to be effective for treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea, and warts.

Quantum healing works by connecting to energy fields at the subatomic level. The human body is made up of cells and tissues which form organ systems such as the nervous system, heart, lungs and bones. By tapping into these energy fields, we can help heal our body and mind from illness and disease.

You should be aware that there are many different ways to gain the benefits of quantum healing. 

Quantum healers guide people toward wellness by helping them connect with their higher self, their subconscious mind, past lives, and other dimensions. There are many ways to practice quantum healing: in person, over the phone, and via the internet.

To find a practitioner with a quantum healing certification, check out the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ website or dolorescannon.com. You can learn about taking quantum healing courses on both sites as well.

Self-healing is a great option! You’ll need to start looking up information on this topic, as well as other topics covered in this book. I’ve found online resources that can help guide you along the way! SleepPhones® come in handy when you practice Quantum Healing.

Quantum healing hypnosis technique

Dolores Cannon‘s method of hypnosis uses visualization to induce individuals into a somnambulistic state. A state which ordinarily occurs only twice per day: the moment just before becoming conscious and the moment just before falling asleep. Hypnotists have historically avoided conducting research with subjects who are in a deep trance because of the often bizarre and inexplicable results that are reported. Dolores Cannon began researching lost knowledge and reincarnation during the late 1960s. She developed QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) for past life regression sessions.

Controversy Around Quantum Healing

While many people sing the praises of quantum healing, others label it as a pseudoscience that offers false hope to people suffering from diseases, mental health problems, and other ailments.

Detractors claim that no scientific evidence or studies support claims put forth by quantum healing practitioners. They also point out that it’s dangerous to claim that quantum healing can cure cancer and other diseases because some people may forgo life saving medicine in favor of quantum healing.

As long as you are being treated by licensed doctors for a serious illness, quantum healing techniques are an excellent adjunct to augment healing. There are seemingly magical benefits when patients are less stressed and connecting their minds with their body. Science cannot quantify everything because not everything has been discovered yet.


Quantum guided meditations:

Guided meditations for quantum relaxation can be done with visualization methods or with binaural beats and specific frequency musical sounds. It can also be done alongside other alternative healing or holistic therapies such as acupuncture, energetic healing or light therapy for example.

Here are some short guided quantum meditations to try out

Quantum concepts can be very consulted and difficult to grasp – although it is steeped in science there are many people that adopt it as part of their spiritual and healing journies. Although it can be seen as quite controversial in this sense there is evidence to suggest that it can benefit our bodies and minds greatly by altering it at an anatomical level. It comes down to if it works for you then you don’t have to question it further and maybe the concept of quantum meditation resonates with your being.

“Every cell in your body is eavesdropping onto your thoughts” – Deepak Chopra

“We can heal others or manifest things by changing the subconscious thought patterns and collapsing the quantum wave functions through conscious attention.” – Amit Ray

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