10 minute visualisation meditation

Do you often feel overwhelmed and stressed throughout the day? Are you searching for a quick and effective way to relax and clear your mind? Look no further than a 10-minute visualization meditation. In just a short amount of time, you can experience the benefits of this powerful practice and bring peace and clarity into your life.

Meditation has been practiced for centuries and is renowned for its ability to calm the mind and provide numerous health benefits. It allows you to focus your attention and eliminate the incessant mental chatter that can often cloud your thoughts. While meditation can be practiced in various forms, visualization meditation specifically harnesses the power of your imagination to bring about positive changes in your mental and emotional well-being.

If you’re new to meditation or simply short on time, a 10-minute visualization meditation is the perfect starting point. This brief but impactful practice can help reduce stress, enhance your creativity, and cultivate a more positive mindset. In this article, we will explore the steps involved in a 10-minute visualization meditation and discuss how you can incorporate this practice into your daily routine for maximum benefits. Get ready to embark on a journey of relaxation and self-discovery as we delve into the world of visualization meditation.

10 minute visualisation meditation

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10 minute meditation for becoming the observer of the mind

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10 Minute Meditation – Stream of Consciousness Visualisation

So starting in the middle of your space, either sitting down or lying down. If you are sitting down, just stacking the spine on top of each other, head and neck on top of the spine. Allow shoulders to fall away from the ears. Resting the hands on top of the knees. Closing the eyes.Sending the sitting bones down to the floor.

If you’re lying down, spreading out the body. The legs relaxed. Arms are comfortable distance from the body. Turning the palms facing up. In a gesture of surrender, of letting go, of releasing.

We’ll start just by connecting to our breath. Becoming aware of every inhale and every exhale. Drawing our attention and our awareness towards ourselves. Noticing the gentle rise and fall of the belly and the chest as you breathe here.

Taking 3 deep intentional breaths here together. Inhale through the nose. And we exhale all out. Inhale through the nose. We exhale all the air out, we let go and release. One more inhale through the nose. Exhale completely.

We start to drop into our visualization. This visualization is called the stream of consciousness. Gently start to bring. An image to the forefront of your mind.

Start to paint the picture of you walking on a path. You find yourself walking in a forest on this path. Slowly just putting 1 foot in front of the other. As you walk, you are very aware of your surroundings.

The rows of trees hugging each other next to you. The crisp, fresh mountain air. The earth and the soil beneath your feet. Gently, as you walk become more detailed with what you see and what you hear. The trees rustling with leaves. The birds in the trees.

As you walk. The path changes. You turn right and then you turn left following along this windy path. You’re not concentrating on where you are going. Being completely OK with not knowing the destination. Simply just walking.

Slowly you start to hear some trickling of water. A stream of sorts nearby. As you follow this path following the sound of the water. You suddenly come into an opening.

Before you lies a flowing stream. A river. On the riverbank, stands a beautiful Willow tree that you decide to go sit under. A gentle breeze blowing the willows above you. Feeling the mist of the river gently blow against your face.

You notice this gentle breeze. Blow through the trees around you. Once again rustling the leaves. And then slowly, one by one, the leaves start falling off the tree and into the river. As the river carries these leaves downstream. As the river carries the leaves past you, you are simply just sitting and noticing, not getting involved. You’re not picking the leaves out of the stream. Just enjoying watching the workings of nature.

And then you start to realize that where you are in this forest. On the riverbank. Watching the leaves. This can be compared to the thoughts in our mind. Every leaf falling into the stream. Symbolises a different thought and the river itself symbolizes the workings of our mind. You also notice that as the thought falls into the mind. Or into the river. As it enters the mind it gently passes

through and exits just the same. And similarly, you are simply just observing these thoughts. Not needing to get involved or change anything. Just noticing. Being a third person onlooker of the workings of the mind.

Slowly, you can start to dissolve this image of yourself sitting on the riverbank. Drawing your attention and your awareness back to your breath, once again bringing yourself back to this moment of you either sitting or lying down in your space. Knowing when things feel a bit overwhelming or your mind feels very noisy and busy. You can always come back to this visualization of the stream of consciousness to detach from your thoughts. Becoming the onlooker of the mind.

And then we’ll end our meditation with three intentional breaths, the same way we started. Together we inhale through the nose. And we exhale out. Inhale through the nose. Exhale out. Inhale, last one, as deep as you can. And then exhale, sigh it out the mouth.

Place palms of their hands on top of the chest, at the heart space centre, to seal your practice off. Show some gratitude and appreciation to yourself, thank yourself for carving out this time in your day for some stillness and self observation.

10 minute guided Visualisation meditation script pdf

 Download the guided meditation script pdf.

10 minute guided visualisation meditation script – “Stream of Consciousness”

About the meditation teacher:

Bianca Carmen Schulz

Content Writer for MeditationDNA as well as Yoga & Meditation instructor with a professional dance and performing background, offering guided visualizations to tune into the mental realm by plugging out of the physical realm.

My meditations aim to invite openness into the mind and body by allowing thoughts and breath to flow through the body. Specializing in Meditation and Movement for Athletes and High-Performance Artists.

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