Mindful minute – Guided 1 minute meditation script (2022)

Take a 44-second breather. This guided 1 minute meditation script is all it takes to access mindfulness within your everyday life.

Meditation and mindfulness practices have become extremely popular over the last decade. Today, millions of people practice a variety of types and forms of meditation every day. These include Zen meditation, mindfulness meditation, Tibetan Buddhism meditation, meditation for focusing the mind, meditation for relaxation, guided loving-kindness meditation, body scan meditation, guided 15-minute meditation, 10-minute meditation, 5 minutes, or even a one-minute meditation. That’s just to mention a few!

The benefits of mindfulness meditation influence our mental and physical health positively. Most people experience relaxation during guided meditation, reducing stress levels, cultivating focused awareness, and improving overall health over a period of time. The beauty of guided meditation is its simplicity. It takes only minutes to complete and can provide peace and tranquility in even the busiest of lives. It can provide some people with freedom after trauma (post-traumatic stress disorder) or experiences of other emotional pain, in some cases, as well as tune us into our mind and body experiences. It helps us approach life with a lot more sensitivity and care.

It allows us to filter through our minds and work through positive/negative feelings or positive/negative emotions and can completely transform our frame of mind towards a feeling of relaxation.

It’s never too late to begin practicing meditation – and when you do a few meditation sessions you will notice how it starts to transform your entire life. Practicing mindfulness filters into our daily lives.

The guided meditation exercise below is designed to help you along your journey.

Mini – meditations such as this 1-minute meditation (yes 1 minute) are simple steps in to help us integrate mindfulness into our everyday life. Proving how accessible meditation can be and that just taking a few seconds to be mindful can be a great step toward building a mindful lifestyle and meditation practice. 

Life is busy and chaotic but there is always time to meditate and be mindful.

Practicing this simple exercise below, a few times a day can be really beneficial. 

We have recorded this meditation for you – so simply follow the link below, or click on the image and press play.

1 minute guided meditation
Recording: “44-second breather”

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Disclaimer: The recording is on Insight Timer – a meditation app. It is a completely free app, so give it a download and explore all the other options.

Hi everyone, so quickly I would like you to stop whatever you are doing.

Take a step back.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in. Exhale. Breathe in. Exhale. 

Take a moment.

Notice where you are at.

And then open your eyes and carry on with your day.

1 Minute Guided Meditation Script Pdf

Download the guided meditation script pdf.

About the meditation teacher:

Bianca Carmen Schulz

Content Writer for MeditationDNA as well as Yoga & Meditation instructor with professional dance and performing background, offering guided visualizations to tune into the mental realm by plugging out of the physical realm. Inviting openness into the mind and body by allowing thoughts and breathe to flow through the body. Specializing in Meditation and Movement for Athletes and High-Performance Artists.

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About author: bianca

Yoga and meditation instructor, holistic personal trainer, nutritional advisor, website and content designer, blog writer, professional dancer, performing artist, voice-over actor, and choreographer.