33 Best Apps for meditation and mindfulness – 2022

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Apps for Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation apps are great tools. They can help us manage stress, relax our minds, improve concentration, or even focus while studying! There are hundreds of thousands of people currently meditating every single day. In fact, according to data, nearly 60% of millennials and over 70% of Gen Z use meditation apps to keep their minds calm. So how do these apps work? Let’s figure it out!

It may take some time for meditation to become second nature, but once mastered, it’s one of the most effective ways to relax and focus.

Entering into the world of mindful apps for meditation has opened up an entirely new realm of possibilities when it comes to making meditation easy and accessible.

It can help calm you down if you’re feeling tense, but meditation has so many other health benefits which contribute to improving your daily life!

There are lots of guided meditations available online, but some meditation apps make practicing mindfulness more accessible and personalized.

The 33 best meditation apps of 2022 will help you stay focused and calm throughout your day. These apps offer different types of guided meditations, including mindfulness, yoga, and breathing exercises. They all provide a great tool for beginners who want to start practicing meditation but don’t know where to begin.

Mindfulness Meditation apps are great tools. They can help us manage stress, relax our minds, improve concentration, or even focus while studying! 

It may take some time for meditation to become second nature, but once mastered, it’s one of the most effective ways to relax and focus.

Entering into the world of mindful meditation apps and tech-based guides for meditation has opened up an entirely new realm of possibilities when it comes to making meditation easy and accessible.

There are hundreds of thousands of people currently meditating every single day. In fact, according to data, nearly 60% of millennials and over 70% of Gen Z use meditation apps to keep their minds calm. So how do these apps work? Let’s figure it out!

It can definitely help calm you down if you’re feeling tense, but meditation has so many other health benefits which contribute to improving your daily life!

There are lots of guided meditations available online, but some meditation apps make practicing mindfulness more accessible and personalized.

The 33 best meditation apps of 2022 will help you stay focused and calm throughout your day. These apps offer different types of guided meditations, including mindfulness, yoga, and breathing exercises.

Apps also provide a great tool for beginners who want to start practicing meditation but don’t know where to begin.

The Best Apps for Meditation To Soothe Your Anxiety And Keep You Grounded in 2022

There are many meditation apps out there, but only some of them really deliver what they promise. Some apps give you a basic introduction to meditation, but others take it one step further by offering guided sessions designed to help you relax. If you feel like you could benefit from taking a break from life, try one of these apps.

Many of these are meditation apps for android and for iPhone users.

So let’s look at some of these  approaches to meditations with short meditation apps reviews…

Top Meditation for anxiety apps – anxiety-focused meditations

1. Insight Timer – Best overall app

Average Rating: 4.9 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free access to thousands of meditations. Premium costs around $60/yr or about $10/mo.T

he meditation app Insight Timer has a lot of great features. You get access to a library of guided meditation sessions that teach you how to calm down and relax. There are also mindfulness exercises designed to help you learn how to be present in your life. The app even teaches you breathing techniques to help you reduce stress levels.

App Features: Over 40,000 free meditations.

Insight Timers has a huge library of free meditations that you can filter by what you’re looking for.

There are currently over 45,000 free meditative exercises available on Insight Timer presented by global experts and meditation teachers. That’s a lot of options! You can also sort them by category or time needed, and there are plenty of meditation suggestions for beginners.

They have also recently updated the app to include meditation music, live Yoga classes snd other mindfulness practices, from different instructors, in different time zones all over the world! 

This app makes it really easy to customize your meditation practice to how you like it. Although there is a large variety of guided meditations one can also opt to follow your own unguided meditations with the help of a meditation timer and background music – customize your meditation the way you like it!

This is our top recommendation for an app that covers many different aspects and benefits of meditation – Download Insight Timer or even try one of their meditations here!

Insight Timer is best for people who don’t get easily overwhelmed by options and want to try a wide range of meditation styles. The paid option is best for people who would like to follow a more structured meditation program that flows together each day. (healthline.com)

More on Insight Timer

Download it for iPhone – Insight Timer

Download it for Android – Insight Timer

2. Headspace – Improve your mental health – reducing anxiety meditation apps

Average Rating: 4.7 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: While the Headspace app has a free option, we recommend taking advantage of the premium subscription to gain access to the all-important sleep casts to help get your mind prepared for sleep.

The app Headspace is a great app for beginners because it teaches meditation in a very simple manner. There are guided meditations available as well as audio recordings of your favorite teachers.

Headspace is a meditation app designed for beginners looking to get started or seasoned practitioners looking to enhance their practice. You’ll find guided meditations ranging from beginner to advanced, as well as techniques to help you relax and unwind after a long day.

Guided meditations and mindfulness exercises from Headspace can be used during the day to help you achieve peace, well-being, and balance. If you’re looking for something before bedtime, check out one of their new meditations like music, nature sounds, or storytelling ‘sleepcasts’ instead. These sleep casts offer expert advice on everything from getting started with a meditation to finding your perfect meditation space.

With its help, you’ll be able to get started meditating right away and offers it in a very personalized and accessible way. 

More on Headspace 

Download it for iPhone – Headspace

Download it for Android – Headspace

Meditation apps for sleeping – best sleep meditation apps

3. Calm – Geared towards sleep

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Calm offers a 7-day-free-trial, after that pay for a premium version around $15 per month or 70 cents per day for access to unlimited meditation sessions.

Meditation apps Calm – offers some of the most popular relaxation programs available online. Their latest addition, Calm Body, teaches gentle stretches to help you unwind after a long day. These videos also include calming bedtime stories.

The calm app was created by Dr. Daniel J Siegel, author of “Brainstorm” and “Mindsight.” He says, “The most effective stress management tool I’ve ever used is deep relaxation. It helps me focus my attention away from whatever is bothering me and into something else. That’s why I wanted to create Calm—to make relaxing more accessible than ever before. I want us to be able to take five minutes out of our day to do what we need to do to feel better.”

An award-winning app that has calming exercises and breathing techniques to help you relax. It even includes a Calm Kids section with meditations for kids ages 3 to 17. The Sleep Stories section features a mix of voice talents you may recognize actors Matthew McConaughey or Jerome Flynn to help you sleep. For a mindful experience you can access right from your Apple Watch, there are new breathing exercises, a mindful walking meditation, and calming exercises. (healthline.com)

More on Calm

Download it for iPhone – Calm

Donwload it for Android – Calm

4. Buddhify – Learn about Buddhist teachings and meditation offerings

Average Rating: 4.3 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free

Buddhify stands out among other apps because of its targeted meditative practices for whatever mental health situation we need help with. There are over 200 different meditations available, easy to use, and there is even a timer to meditate without any guidance. You do not have to be subscribed to access the app—it does not cost anything to download. And if you want to get more information about your current state of mind, you can read Buddhist teachings online.

You can create your own ‘Wheel of Meditation Practices’. Each one lasts 4–30 minutes, so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule. As you progress in your skills, you can use their timers to help guide you as you practice alone.

The app provides guided meditations for beginners and advanced users alike. You’ll be able to choose your length of meditation, whether to listen to audio or read the text, and if you want music or silence. 

Once you’ve chosen what you’d like to do, you’re ready to go. The app features a timer to ensure you stick to your allotted amount of time, and there’s also a feature that tracks your progress. Users can also see how much time they spend meditating each day, as well as how many times they’ve listened to the same meditation. In addition, you can download any of the meditations onto your phone or tablet.

The app offers more than 200 different types of meditation sessions ranging from three to forty minutes long. Some of them focus on specific subjects such as travel, work, eating, or even social media.

More on Buddhify

Downlaod it for iPhone – Buddhify

Download it for Android – Buddhify

Beginner Meditation Apps

5. Simple Habit – Learn to create a meditation habit

Average rating: 4.5 stars

Pricing: Free

Simple Habit provides you with the basics of meditation so it is a great starting point if you just want to see what meditation and mindfulness is all about. However, it is limited to its capabilities and offerings.

Some may prefer an app that offers more than five minutes of guided mediation per day. Others might appreciate a larger selection of bedtime stories. Simple Habit can help you transform your daily habits though mindfulness.

More on Simple Habit

Downlaod ot for iPhone – Simple Habit

Download it for Android – Simple Habit

6. Oak 

Average Rating: 4.8 stars (iPhone users only)

Pricing: Free

Aimed to keep mindfulness meditation short and simple so that it can be accessed anywhere and at anytime. It includes several short exercises designed to help you relax, fall asleep, or feel peaceful. It also keeps track of how long each session lasts; how many breaths you take during each session; how many sessions you’ve completed; and much more.

More on OakDownload it for iPhone – Oak

7. The Mindfulness App – Accessible and simple

 Average Rating: 4.7 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free options or premium access costs about $10 per month or $60 per year.

Meditation beginners and experts alike will find lots of options with The Mindfulness App. You don’t need to spend hours every day doing meditation; just start by trying out some simple techniques for a few minutes a day with The Mindfulness App.

It also has customized meditations, reminders to stay mindful throughout the day, stats for tracking progress, and an easy way to share your experience with others.

More on The Mindfulness App

Download it for iPhone – The Mindfulness App

Download it for Android – The Mindfulness App

8. Meditation Studio – When you’re starting out

Average Rating: 4.8 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Meditation Studio costs around $8 per month or $50 per year for premium features.

Everyone has their own unique set of requirements for meditating. Meditation Studio offers a variety of meditations for various purposes including health, kindness, happiness, and general calmness. If you’re looking for something different than guided meditations, you can also create your own meditation plans.

More on Meditation Studio

Download it for iPhone – Meditation Studio

Download it for Android – Meditation Studio

9. Meditation Oasis – Simply Being

Average rating: 4.7 stars

Pricing: Free

In-App Purchases

  • Monthly Subscription $7.99
  • Yearly Subscription $49.99

Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult, and Simply Being is an easy-to-use app that guides you through various methods of relaxation. Choose to meditate for 5 – 30 minutes, and hear soothing nature sounds, relaxing music, silence, or even sleep-inducing lullabies.

For beginners and experts alike!

More about Meditation Oasis

Download it for iPhone – Meditation Oasis

Download it for Android – Meditation Oasis

Best meditation apps for breath work

 10. Inscape – Working on your breath

 Average Rating: 4.1 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Subscriptions cost around $60 per year.

Inscape is designed to be used during any type of situation when you need to take some time out from life’s distractions. Anxiety, stress, anger, sleeping issues? It covers it all. This app helps with dealing with the whole spectrum of emotions you might be feeling.

It specifically guides you through breathing techniques in order to find a deeper sense of calm and emotional regulation.

More on Inscape

Download it for iPhone – Inscape

Download it for Android – Inscape

11. Breethe – Destress and improve sleep

Average rating: 4.6 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Two-week free trial – $14.99 every month thereafter. 

You’ll learn how to de-stress, relax, and get quality sleep every night by using simple techniques like breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, and guided imagery.

Breethe’s guided meditation series, inspirational talks, and masterclasses from mindfulness coach Lynne Goldberg can help you better navigate life’s challenges and enjoy improved peace of mind.

You’ll be able to learn how to relax by listening to soothing soundscapes through an audiobook player.

It’s designed specifically for people who want help sleeping better and reducing their stress levels.

More on Breethe

Downlaod it for iPhone – Breethe

Download it for Android – Breethe

12. iBreathe – For the experimenter

Average Rating: 4.9 stars (iPhone users only)

Pricing: Free

Experimenting with your meditation practice means taking the same approach when experimenting with different types of meditations, such as mindfulness, guided imagery, mantra mediation, etc. With this app, you’ll be able to choose exactly when and for how long you meditate every day and which breathing exercise you want to practice.

More on iBreathe

Download it for iPhone – iBreathe

13. Breathe+

Average rating: 4.7 stars(iPhone only)

Pricing: Free (with ads) – For an add-free experience: $1 per month, $5 per year, or $9 for lifetime access.

Deep breathing is a big element of meditation and this app concentrates on proper breathing techniques.

This app teaches you how to breathe properly so you can get the most out of meditation.

  • user-friendly
  • very affordable
  • simple techniques for all levels with detailed explanations
  • free as well as paid content

Download it for iPhone – Breathe+

14. Prana Breath

Average Rating:  4.8 stars (Android only)

Pricing: Free with premium options

Prana Breath is an advanced training app that’s easy to use but gives you plenty of options to increase your meditation practice over time. You can work by length or by the goal you want to achieve, such as improving your memory or reducing how often you get sick. The app also features meditation routines for quitting smoking and tackling emotional eating.

The Guru version of this app offers more features including dynamic and diverse breath training, training options, and health tests.

  • available in multiple languages
  • user friendly for beginners
  • Explores different meditation techniques with a focus on breathing techniques

Download it for Andoird – Prana Breath

Best meditation apps for deep introspection, expanding knowledge, and spirituality

15. Sattva – Expand your knowledge of Vedic principles

Average Rating: 4.4 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free 

In-App Purchases

  • Sattva Monthly Subscription$12.99
  • Sattva Yearly Subscription$49.99
  • Sattva Yearly$49.99
  • Calm your mind – Guided Meditation$1.99
  • Relax and let go with sri sri – Guided Meditation$1.99
  • Happiness with sri sri – Guided Meditation$1.99
  • Om – Guided Meditation$0.99
  • Relax and rejuvenate with sri sri – Guided Meditation$1.99
  • Presets$1.99
  • Harahara – Guided Meditation$0.99

Sattva draws its inspiration from Vedic principles of Meditation and features meditations, chanting, and mantras delivered through Sanskrit Scholars.

Simple yet deep meditations are on offer here that begin at around 6 minutes long. You can gradually increase the time spent practicing each day. If you want to keep track of your progress, you can use the meditation journal and browse through collections and playlists created by others who meditate regularly.

Sattva is therefore a great meditation app as well as an introspection/reflection tool as it provides us to jot our thoughts down that came up in our meditation straight after we are done.

More on Sattva

Download it for iPhone – Sattva

Download it for Android – Sattva 

Best meditation app options for general wellness

16. My Life Meditation

Average Rating: 4.7 stars (iPhone and Android)

Pricing: $10 per month or $60 per year.

Previously called Stop, Breathe & Think, this app recommends meditation sessions based on your emotional state. It can also help identify your feelings and create awareness around your emotions. Includes, short guided meditations, yoga, acupressure, and other holistic wellness practices.

Helps manage anxiety, reduce stress, practice breathing techniques, or sleep better.

You can also track how your mood changes throughout the day and how well you’re doing overall.

  • daily emotional and wellbeing check-ins
  • Benefits beyond meditation with other wellness treatments also included
  • 7-day free trial available

More about My Life Meditation

Download it for iPhone – My Life Meditation

Download it for Android – My Life Meditation

17. Let’s Meditate

Average Rating: 4.8 stars (Android only)

Pricing: The app costs $0.99

From 5-minute to 45 minute guided meditations and everything in between. Courses include sleep, anxiety, stress, and a whole lot more. 

  • low-cost and affordable
  • you can download the content

Download for Android – Let’s Meditate

18. Omvana

Average rating: 4.8 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free plan 

Premium plans or in-app purchases:

  • Omvana Premium: Yearly $59.99
  • Accelerate Weight Loss $7.99
  • Sleep Meditation $2.99
  • Clearing Negative Beliefs $2.99
  • Overnight Riches: A Flowdream Meditation $6.99
  • Get Motivated & End Procrastination $4.99
  • Love or Above Morning Meditation $6.99
  • Chakra Activation $3.99
  • Abundance Meditation $3.99
  • Be Insanely Productive $4.99

Omvana helps people improve their lives by providing them with over 500 meditation sessions they can practice. They offer programs for body, mind, productivity, and living well, as well as programs for improving relationships and hypnosis.

More about Omvana

Download it for iPhone – Omvana

Download it for Android – Omvana

Best short meditation apps when you don’t have much time

19. Whil 

Average Rating: 4.6 stars (iPhone and Android)

Pricing: Free

This app is great for when you are pressed for time or feel very busy. It offers meditation courses lasting from 5 minutes to an hour to help reduce stress, improve focus, and relax.

App features: While it is specifically designed for teens, young adults, and college students to deal with the stress, emotional upheavals, and social pressures that are unique to them, it can be used by anyone who wants to improve their mental health. It provides tools that can be used throughout your life to continue living a mindful life.

  • quick and easy to use
  • Available  through work sponsors

More about Whil

Download it for iPhone – Whil

Download it for Android – Whil

20. Unplug meditation

Average rating: 4.9 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: $12.99 per month, $69.99 per year.

Unplug offers short and long meditations that help address anxiety, stress, and other mental health conditions. It has a key feature that also tracks your progress.

  • Expert guides to advise mental health issues
  • Seven-day free trial
  • Includes timer and progress tracker

It only takes a few minutes to meditate so nobody should feel they are too busy. Unplug excels at guided meditation sessions but also lets you direct and guide yourself through meditation with unobtrusive timers and ambient sounds if you prefer. Because it takes only a few minutes, it’s perfect for short breaks throughout the day.

More about Unplug

Download for iPhone – Unplug

Download for Android – Unplug

Best ‘non-spiritual’ meditation apps based on neuroscience

21. Ten percent happier – Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by Dan Harris (of 10% Happier)

Average rating: 4.8 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free (for 7 days) and $100 annually thereafter.

This one is for the skeptics and the ones that aren’t sure about meditation’s benefits or might feel it is too woo-woo.

This app provides a guided meditative practice that teaches users about mindfulness and how it helps them improve focus and attention. It focuses on the neuroscience science behind meditation (instead of the spirituality aspect of it) and why it can help them achieve specific goals.

Users report feeling calm and relaxed without having to think much about how to stay focused during the day. They say they have been able to deal with daily stress better than ever before. This app helps them focus on what they’re doing while staying present throughout the day.

The app is especially effective when used by those who aren’t accustomed to meditation.

The app makes meditating approachable.

A key feature is that it offers specific guides for beginners or for those starting out. There is also great support from experts if you have any questions regarding meditation or topics on mindfulness and mental health.

  • Geared towards beginners
  • Experts available for questions
  • Many easy to use guided meditations

This app will teach you the how-to behind meditating in a fun, easy, and accessible way. It’s suited for anyone, but especially those who think they’re “not the meditation type” and can’t find the time to start a meditation practice.

More about Ten Percent Happier

Download it for iPhone – Ten Percent Happier

Download it for Andoird – Ten Percent Happier

22. Waking Up – Science and Spirituality

Average Rating: 4.9 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free basic version or Premium membership plans

In-App Purchases

  • Premium Subscription$18.99
  • Premium Subscription$139.99
  • Waking Up Yearly Subscription$154.99
  • 3 Months Subscription$73.99
  • Yearly Subscription$109.99
  • Family Yearly Subscription$219.99
  • Subscription for 3 years$359.99

Creator and author of many books based on mindfulness and spirituality, Sam Harris created an app too. He’s now offering an extensive library of science-backed meditation classes and other tools for helping people become mindful.

It has an extensive library of content related to personal development, mindfulness, and meditation.

You may want to consider integrating Waking Up into your existing fitness or health app for added value.

This might therefore be geared to the more advanced meditators although everyone can try it out!

More on Waking Up

Download to for iPhone – Waking Up

Download it for Android – Waking Up

Best meditation apps for personalisation

23. Aura

Average rating: 4.7 stars (Android and iPhone users)

Pricing: Free plan

Premium plans: $11.99/month or $94.99/yearly or $399/lifetime access

Aura helps you relax and calm down through hundreds of meditations using AI technology. It has been created by some of the world’s best and most sought-out meditation teachers. 

It focuses on micro-meditations of 3 minutes each – so perfect for those that don’t have much time.

Aura lets you create a gratitude journal or log your mood over time and for each day. You can also choose to meditate at specific times throughout the day. The app provides you with levels and achievements which gives it a bit of a “game” element.

Users love this app because it helps them feel calm and relaxed. People who have used it say that it keeps them feeling inspired to practice mindfulness. This app does allow users to save their meditations for later viewing, but it requires an annual subscription fee. Overall, users have given positive reviews of the free version of this app.

More about Aura

Download for iPhone –  Aura

Download for Android – Aura

24. Happy Not Perfect

Average rating: 4.5 stars (iPhone and Android)

Pricing: $12 per month, $48 per 6 months, or $80 per year.

This app helps you enter your current mood and then provides specific meditation tips that can assist you in centering yourself and the emotions you are currently experiencing. It also features tips, advice, and courses that can help improve your outlook on life, including managing unexpected sources of stress and overcoming negative thinking patterns.

  • meditations curated for your current mood
  • a personalized experience

More about Happy Not Perfect

Download for iPhone and Android – Happy Not Perfect

Best meditation apps for children 

25. Smiling Mind

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free

A 100% Non-profit company that aims to create change in younger generations.

This app is specifically provided for children (age 7+).

Children between the ages of 7-11 should use Smiling Mind’s program called ‘Smile Train.’ Smile Train helps children deal with sadness, jealousy, anger, and frustration by teaching them how to take care of and process their emotions. 

More about Smiling Mind

26. Mindfulness with Petit BamBou – Different language options

 Average Rating: 4.7 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: There are free and annual subscription options to this app.

It’s designed specifically for kids ages five and up. With its various guided meditations ranging from three to fifty minutes long, it offers many different language options including English, Spanish, and even German. It offers courses based on the science behind positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapies, and mindfulness.

More on Mindfulness with Petit BamBou

Download for iPhone – Mindfulness with Petit Bambou

Download for Android – Mindfulness with Petit Bambou

Something different: ‘Non-tradtional’ & All inclusive special meditations

27 . Shine

Average rating: 4.7 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free, or $12/month or $54/year for premium.

Founded by a Black woman and a Japanese woman who felt that traditional wellness practices did not hold space for the BIPOC community (especially women of color).

It offers a variety of meditations, both daily meditation practice and motivation messages paired with them. Their free version gives users access to the app’s basic meditation content, including about 15 different types of meditations. Premium subscription gets users access to more specific meditation content, and also adds motivational and career advice.

Shine is a great meditation app if you’re looking for something beyond meditation. It includes gratitude check-ins, bedtime readings, self care routines, and access to the digital community. There are also inspirational messages in your inbox each day.

More about Shine

Download for iPhone – Shine

Download for Android – Shine

28. Healthy Minds Program

Average rating: 4.7 (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free

University of Wisconsin created this app alongside the nonprofit affiliation, Center for Healthy Minds. Meditations and podcast style lessons designed to create a firm base of what meditation and mindfulness practices are all about. 

The program teaches mindfulness exercises using apps and audio recordings. The program uses the four pillars of training the mind: awareness, connection, insights and purpose.

Download for iPhone – Healthy Minds Program

Download for Android – Healthy Minds Program

29. Balance

Average rating: 4.9 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: $12/month or $50/year

A personalised experience!

Meditation apps should be personalized to meet specific needs. This app is very intuitive, easy to understand and sensitive to your individual needs. The user answers questions about their goals, challenges, and past experiences with meditation. Balance then uses this information to recommend appropriate practices and exercises. These recommended practices help the user reach their goals and overcome obstacles.

More on Balance

Download for iPhone – Balance

Download for Android – Balance

30. Expectful: Wellness for Moms

Average rating: 4.8 (Andorid and iPhone users)

Pricing: $12/month

For expecting parents!

This app is great because pregnant women get guided meditation tracks that help them relax during different stages of pregnancy. Their partners gets guided relaxation too, especially when he/she’s going through infertility issues. This app helps new parents learn how to calm themselves down for better wellbeing for themselves and their newborn.

Common questions asked by expectant couples and how to make sense of pregnancy and parenthood are all covered through interviews with people that have been through it. There are also tips and tricks about how to stay healthy while pregnant (and even after). A separate section deals with what to do when your baby is born. And finally, there are sections dedicated to parenting.

More about Expectful

Download for iPhone – Expectful 

Download for iPhone – Expectful

31. The Tapping Solution

Average rating: 4.8 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: Free

In-App Purchases

  • Yearly Subscription$94.99
  • Monthly Subscription$11.99
  • Monthly Subscription$11.99
  • Monthly Subscription$7.99
  • Yearly Subscription$94.99
  • Yearly Subscription$94.99
  • Yearly Subscription$94.99
  • Monthly Subscription$9.99
  • Lifetime Subscription$399.99
  • Lifetime Subscription$299.99

Want something different?

For those that might not feel traditional meditation techniques are for them…

This app builds meditations around an alternative technique called tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT), which combines elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, and acupressure with the aim of reducing stress and anxiety, managing PTSD, and more. Plenty of reviewers mentions their initial skepticism followed by surprise at how well the technique works for them.

The Tapping Solution’s library covers the standard themes of lower-stress life support, as well meditations focusing on physical body benefits.

The library covers several categories, including health, spirituality, meditation, music, career, relationships, and sleep.

More on Tapping Solutions

Download for iPhone – Tapping Solutions

Download for Android – Tapping Solutions

32. H*nest Meditation

Average rating: 4.7 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: $2

Another option for the more alternative meditators…

If you struggle with the idea of “positive vibes only” or the notions of “love and light” this one might be for you.

Its sweary meditations pull no punches, offering plenty of catharsis to anyone who is really going through it right now. All the guided meditations are between two and 10 minutes long.

Whether this kind od meditation holds the same benefits and mindfulness aspect as more traditional meditation practices we don’t know…

But there have been a lot of studies showing the cathartic benefits of swearing as a emotional release. And well… if it makes you feel better by providing you with a sense of peace is that not what counts most?

Download for iPhone – H*nest Meditation

Download for Android – H*nest Meditation

33. Sowlmate: Self-Care. LGBTQ+

Average rating: 4.5 stars (Android and iPhone)

Pricing: $15/month or $40/year

The most inclusive app for the LGBTQ+ or the Queer community.

This app has a great collection of short courses. You can choose what topics to study over time. These courses cover various issues related to queer life.

This app has a great collection of short courses. You can choose what topics to study over time. These courses cover various issues related to queer life.

Some meditations are for broader mental health purposes, such as relaxation, and others are specific to a variety of LGBTQ+ experiences, like dealing with family rejection or going through a breakup.

As an innovative meditation tool you can use it as a personal diary or journal to record your thoughts and feelings over time. Relax and recover through self-care exercises. There are also non-meditation courses to teach you more about yourself and how to deal with negative emotions as well as a mood tracker that helps you analyze your current emotional state and improve upon it.

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There are many reasons for meditating and setting up a regular practice of mindfulness. Whether you’re looking to develop focus, calm your mind, improve health, or just relax, these apps are designed to help you achieve those goals. These days, you can find meditation apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Meditation apps are helpful because they allow you to practice mindfulness anywhere you happen to be—no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

With this kind of flexibility, you can easily fit meditation into any schedule. So whether you spend five minutes a day, ten hours a week, or 100 hours a month, you’ll still reap plenty of benefits.

You’ll also discover other healthy habits you can adopt along the way. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that by practicing daily mindfulness, you’ll reduce stress levels, boost self-esteem, increase productivity, manage emotions better, and even sleep better.

They are all unique in their approach to meditation, however, whether you are looking for basic meditations or more advanced offerings there is an app for your needs!

So in summary, check out these meditation apps above to start your journey into a peaceful state of being.




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