guided Meditation Library

Guided meditations

There are so many different ways to practice meditating!

So we thought we would make it easy for you through this guided meditation library.

A few seconds, a few minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes. Whatever you are looking for you can find it here.

Let’s drop into the present moment and build our mindfulness practice together.

Feel free to contact us in the contact form at the bottom of this page and request any specific methods, techniques, or themed meditations that we can record and post.

This is after all about building a community!

Guided meditation library

44 second guided meditation

44 Second Guided Meditation

3 minute meditation breathwork 3 part breathing technique

3 minute Meditation – breathwork

3 minute meditation intentional breathing

3 minute meditation – Breathwork

3 minute meditation breathwork box breathing

3 minute meditation – Breathwork

4 minute meditation breathwork 2 to 1 breathing

4 minute meditation – Breathwork

5 minute Awareness and Relaxation meditation

10 minute Visualisation meditation

15 minute meditation for letting go and trusting the process

15 minute meditation letting go and trusting the process

15 minute Pranayama meditation

Guided 15 minute meditation for new beginnings

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