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DNA Music Repair & Healing Frequencies

There are certain modalities one can use to actuate the dormant aspects of our genetics according to DNA activation theory, and one of those methods is through DNA healing frequencies or what some refer to as DNA music repair.

There are certain sound frequencies discovered to have profound effects on brain function and possibly even cellular health. It has been shown that binaural beats and exposure to specific frequencies can impact our body in positive ways.

Binaural beats operate in the theta wavelength between four to eight hertz and are conducive to deep relaxation and meditative states, which have endless benefit to the body and mind.

The 528 Hz frequency, also known as one of the Solfeggio frequencies, is considered an auspicious tuning for music and sound, believed to have incredibly positive potential for DNA activation. But how can simple sound waves produce a distinct impact at the molecular level?

One scientific study tested the effects of sound waves on the synthesis of nucleic acids in chrysanthemums, finding the synthesis of RNA was accelerated under certain frequencies. In another instance, a music professor at Skidmore College discovered that certain combinations of sound waves, tuned to the right frequency, can destroy cancer cells – as can the human voice.

The 528 Hz frequency, thought to have first been used in Gregorian chants dating back to John the Baptist, is believed to activate and mend DNA. Dr. Glen Rein has devoted much of his career to studying the effects of sound and frequency on DNA and specifically the telomeric end caps of chromosomes that correspond with our biological age.

In 1998, Rein exposed in vitro DNA samples to 528 Hz and analogous Solfeggio frequencies in the form of Gregorian chants in scalar audio waves. He found the samples became more absorptive to UV light compared to samples exposed to other sound frequencies and other types of music such as rock. This increase in absorption is known as hyperchomicity, causing DNA strands to separate and unravel. New bonds form in the DNA chains and crystal structure, subsequently increasing light absorption.

DNA Activation Techniques Through Meditation

DNA activation proponents often speak of the need to connect with a higher entity through meditation. Whether this entity is an archangel, an ascended master, or enlightened being depends on the individual, as experiences often vary and are typically based on one’s spiritual path.

Guided meditations are available online or in the vast catalog found on the Gaia website, but these aren’t always necessary – individual, silent meditation is usually the end goal. Guided meditations are great for beginners, but once one is able to quiet the mind, you can experience greater depths of consciousness through silent, or non-guided meditation. It certainly doesn’t hurt to listen to soft 528 Hz music while meditating for compounding activation modalities.

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Affirmation and Positive Thinking

Our daily thoughts and intentions alter the frequency of our vibration and subsequently our DNA. Simply switching the energy of your daily thoughts can have a profound impact on your physical being.

Too often are we consumed by the ego, an area of the brain scientists have recently pinpointed to be found in the default mode network. Though our consciousness may exist externally from our bodies, the ego exists internally and can consume our thought patterns, focusing our intentions and actions on the self. Recognizing this, acknowledging it, and allowing your mind to remove itself from the body and the ego can provide a third person perspective.

This act of abstraction from the individual can help you remove yourself from egoic behavior, allowing you to instead think from a place of inclusivity, acceptance, and love. In turn, this can change our frequency and activate DNA to vibrate at a higher level.

Manifesting Genuine Relationships

We all wear a number of masks in the varied relationships we’re involved in throughout our lives. Work relationships, friendships, family, and lovers. And there’s good reason these relationships are varied, not everyone needs to know the same level of detail about you that others should be privy to.

However, there should be a level of consistency across all of these relationships if one is to truly awaken their full potential as a human being and activate their DNA to its highest level.

This final piece comes easiest as an amalgam of all the other practices of DNA activation which, if practiced regularly, will naturally cultivate genuine relationships with everyone in your life. Giving an equal, honest version of yourself to others will, more often than not, manifest those genuine relationships you deserve.

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